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Logistics is a matter of professional organization, a matter of supply chain management and a matter of getting goods safely moved from one place to another. Logistical operations should be organized and performed at the right time, with utmost care and very accurately by professionally experienced people. We are specialists in a certain number of logistical activities that require a high level of concentration and devotion.

Qualitas Logistics is a Dutch company, performing logistical operations, mainly in the field of roll-on-roll-off seaport work, tallying of goods, stock taking, affreightment and courier services. These logistical services are related to the shipping and tallying of goods for clients like car shipping companies, grain storage and shoe warehouses, to the financing of these goods for clients like banks and insurance companies, and to the transport of bulk goods and parcels for clients like traders and laboratories. We deliver highly customized logistical solutions.

Welcome to Qualitas Logistics!


Qualitas Logistics

Industrieweg 23c
9521 CE Nieuw-Buinen
The Netherlands

Tel +31 (0)5 99 76 90 70
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Chamber of Commerce (KvK) Groningen

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