Business Sectors

  • Car Shipping
  • Warehouse Storage Management
  • Value Verification Management
  • Bulk Goods Transport
  • Special Parcel Delivery

Car Shipping

We perform car shipping activities for the purpose of loading, unloading and transshipment of new and used cars on board of sea-going vessels.

In order to drive a vehicle on board a sea-going vessel, you need people with a driver’s license, experience with car driving in different types of cars, like experience with left-hand and right-hand drive vehicles, and with a sense for quality and care. We have such personnel of almost all ages for our extensive car shipping activities.

Warehouse Storage Management

We perform warehouse storage management and stock taking services and deliver fully integrated supply chain management services.

In order to be able to know the number of goods received, stored or packed for delivery, the help of people experienced with tallying is very useful. We perform tallying of for example boxes with frozen fish upon reception out of coasters and of pallets with burlap bags with potatoes upon loading of coasters in different seaports, on behalf of for example buyers and sellers of these goods, and for vessel charterers. We do also perform stock taking services in shoe warehouses, in order to verify the exact quantities, types and sizes stored, and in order to be able to compare the numbers found with registered stocks.

Value Verification Management

We perform value verification management services in order to be able to verify the value of a set of goods, mainly for the knowledge of companies lending out money to finance these goods.

Banks and insurance companies would not be willing to finance a set of goods when these goods lose their value before having been sold. We verify the value of these goods and assess the exact numbers, losses and damages on their behalf, with experienced people with a highly developed sense for quantity and quality.

Bulk Goods Transport

We organize and perform the transport of bulk goods, both dry bulk goods and liquid bulk goods, mainly in barges, coasters and sea-going vessels within Europe.

Buyers and sellers of bulk goods may need large means of transport for large quantities, to be organized and taken care of by a trustworthy service provider. We are such a reliable partner in the field of shipping, chartering and transporting, taking utmost care of your goods at any time and at any place within Europe.

Special Parcel Delivery

We perform special parcel delivery services for customers wanting their parcels to be transported in a fast and very reliable way to their receivers, like laboratories.

In order to transport a parcel representing a high value, like laboratory equipment, or samples representing goods for human consumption for example, or even goods with an emotional value within a family or group of friends for example, you do not want to rely on anyone, but on people who are reliable, who do what they promise and who take utmost care of your goods. We have such personnel for the performance of our special courier services.